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  • Category Technical Architecture consulting
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  • Start Date 23 June 2023
  • Handover On going
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Case Study: Advanced AI-Driven Operational Platform for Joyn Co-Pilot AI Enhancement partnered with Joyn, leveraging our technical consulting expertise to empower their vision of creating an AI-enhanced operational platform. Our engagement was multi-faceted, with a focus on enabling Joyn to fully harness the potential of machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Challenge and Strategic Direction:

Joyn faced challenges in their backend infrastructure and required an accelerated development of ML/AI capabilities. The complexity of their needs demanded a detailed, strategic approach to establish a clear path toward an advanced AI-driven system.

Technical Analysis and Decision-Making:

Our consultancy’s role expanded into an extensive technical audit and competitive analysis of AI technologies, aligning with Joyn’s bespoke needs.

  • After thorough consideration, the decision to utilize BigScience, with its robust Langchain support and ease of transfer learning, became a cornerstone of our recommendation, enabling Joyn to proceed with a scalable and customizable AI solution.

Infrastructure and Talent Sourcing: went beyond consulting to provide tangible enhancements to Joyn’s technical infrastructure and team composition.

  • A rigorous audit of Joyn’s AWS infrastructure resulted in actionable insights that enhanced their system’s scalability and cost-efficiency.
  • We also took a proactive stance in sourcing and vetting candidates for a senior backend infrastructure role, ensuring the placement of a resource that would be instrumental in the execution of the laid-out AI strategy.

Roadmap Development and Execution:

A significant part of our engagement involved the creation of a comprehensive ML/AI development roadmap for Joyn.

  • Our workshops with key stakeholders at Joyn led to a detailed path for establishing ML/AI capabilities, including technology stack selection, data management best practices, and a phased approach to model training and deployment.

Operational and Technical Impact:

The services provided had a significant impact on Joyn’s operations, evidenced by concrete outcomes.

Our guidance in developing ML/AI pathways and infrastructure optimization was reflected in Joyn’s improved capability to handle real-time operational data and apply AI-driven insights.

By facilitating the evaluation and hiring of critical technical roles, we ensured that Joyn was equipped with the necessary expertise to maintain and advance their AI initiatives.

  • + BigScience with Langchain Support
  • + Python
  • + AWS Infrastructure Enhancement
  • + Strategic Talent Acquisition
  • + Research: Google LaMDA && Google palm2, Meta Llama 2
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The collaboration between and Joyn represents a paradigm of successful technical consulting, where strategic planning meets expert execution. Joyn's Chief Product Officer, Kendra Wilkins, notes, “Patrick’s involvement was pivotal, imparting not only his technical wisdom but also enriching our team's spirit and resolve." Through a strategic, comprehensive, and hands-on approach, has set the stage for Joyn to become a vanguard in the realm of AI-driven operational technology.

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