Our customers honestly love us.

Among the myriad of professional accolades that I'll highlight next, Arus engineers have a unique character mix between setting / maintaining high standards and an overall roll with it attitude that positively imprints on the entire internal team. Integrity, attention to detail, commitment to deadlines, and quality are a handful of traits that represent the Arus team dynamics.

Paul Ironside, Founder / CEO


Core values you can count on.

  • Value without the overhead
  • Versatility
  • Engineers vs coders
  • Arus is not, and never will be a 300 person company, by design. Our success is driven by a simple set of OKR’s. Use lean agile methodologies and programming best practices to enable solutions not excuses. At the end of the day we can stay boutique only by your success. Do more with less.
  • Diversity at the core. All Engineers Product Managers/Owners are cross trained in each function or discipline. Yes, your Engineers will have a core understanding of the dynamic needs cross functionally across the org chart.. and vice versa. The Arus team has an amazing background of talent from all walks of life and cross-pollination is in our DNA.
  • We don’t have “coders”. if you are looking for someone to “fill a warm seat” we arent the right fit for you. Instead we are a diverse team of Engineers that treat their profession as such. We master tools/languages but we also have a strong education/continuous learning background and the skills to jump into a wide range of problems, not just be a cog in the wheel.

Consistency and Predictability.


Our experienced engineers will make sure your project always stays on track.

Pick the right tools for the job, build a product that is maintainable and adapts to the changes in requirements, while hitting the market on time and according to plans.


We provide flat hourly or monthly rates. Save all the hidden costs and time it takes to hire an employee.

No recruiting, no training, no health insurance, no bonus, no equity, no office costs, no HR and management associated costs.


We have a core belief internally that we become stronger humans with diversity. Your culture is our culture and one of our driving forces. Something we pride ourselves on is to being able to “drink the Kool-Aid” as we can’t help solve the hard problems if we aren’t part of your culture. It takes more than code to build amazing products.