Company overview:

TiLT, is an inclusive B2B Leave Management Solution for every life-changing moment. Managing leave of absence within federal government laws (FMLA Family and Medical Leave Act) and leave of absence payroll compensation. The goal at TiLT was/is to make your leave of absence of any kind (maternity, major illness, death in family) a smooth process.

Tech stack:

StackInfraOther tooling & 3rd party
Typescript, GraphqlAWS (EKS, S3, SageMaker)Bamboo HR API
ReactDocker KubernetesVGS SOC2
RDSGoogle cloud Gdocs API’sJira Confluence
SageMaker TextractFigma
Docusign SDK

My role as the CTO @ TiLT

As the CTO of TiLT, and founding engineer, my role was focused on building out core product offerings, building a sustainable development/product team, and defining the internal human operating system including agile frameworks, Orks, and KPIs.


Creating GraphQL API’S with Node Express Typescript to feed the frontend in React to solve for the follwing:

  • Company handbook ingestion
  • Gather leave candidates’ PII and employee info (payroll)
  • Generate all the necessary paperwork for FMLA leave
  • Scheduling timeline and calendar events for leave steps
  • Management HR leave metrics and HRIS integration
  • Resource allocation for each leave type
  • Return to work success steps