Company overview:

Choi Holdings is an investment firm specializing in category-defining applications ranging from consumer tech, equity markets, public companies, and real estate. They have been key partners in Robinhood, Ripple, SubStack, and many others. This engagement was focused on a KPOP NFT platform called FrontRow. The goal of the application was/is to give Korean KPOP artists an NFT platform to sell collectibles to fans via a blockchain and digital wallet.

Tech stack:

StackInfraOther tooling & 3rd party
Typescript Next.js MonoRepoAWS (EKS, S3)Flow Blockchain
Vue 3Docker / Teraform / GH actionsGrafana, and Prometheus
PostgresqlCypress protected branchesVerif KCY & for fiat tx
SwiftSwaggerJira / Confluence

My role as the VPE and Engineering Manager @ Choi Holdings/FrontRow

As the VPE and Engineering Manager at Choi Holdings, my role revolved around code review, talent sourcing, product, and technical roadmaps (including story requirements) within a blockchain ecosystem and a globally distributed team.

  • Architecture review and repo best practices
  • Product and Technical roadmaps
  • Technical story grooming and requirements gathering
  • Code review (Frontend Backend iOS Android DevOps)
  • IC work when needed
  • UX Design iteration with the design team MetaLabs
  • Story completion & validation
  • Fostering healthy engineering culture
  • Weekly 1:1’s with the dev team members
  • Talent sourcing and onboarding
  • Performance improvement plans (when needed)
  • 3rd party vendor relationships
  • Security and compliance in line with OFAC regulations

Platform tooling

Using as the Nest.js backend framework for a MonoRepo to create Rest API endpoints that are then consumed by Vue (for browser client) Swift (iOS client) Kotlin (android client). We used Flow blockchain and the Blocto wallet for FUSD payments, MetaMask with Commerce.Coinbase for other crypto (eth, btc) payments, and Checkout for fita-based payments and Veriff for KYC.


  • 1 week agile sprints with normalized Velocity
  • Weekly product release demos
  • ~1 Escaped defects & less than 1h for mean time to resolution
  • ~80%+ Test coverage
  • Less than 2 weeks lead time
  • Less than 40h a week per dev resource (no burn out)