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DevOps & Infrastructure

Much like traditional engineering resources at Arus, DevOps & Infrastructure teams have been building SaaS venture-backed applications for startups for over a decade. Our team is globally distributed, but based in Colorado in the United States.
Our DevOps talent pools are AWS and GCP certified. You can feel confident that Arus can leverage and maximize what each cloud provider has to offer. Our DevOps engineers are cloud-native and use containerization along every step in the SDLC process. We pride ourselves on the use of modern tooling to fit our client's needs. Arus DevOps teams have mastery in IaC(infrastructure as code) that drastically reduces time to market and fine-grained control of the network on a code level.

Key cloud areas include

Modern IaC with the rigor of decades of combined experience. We use:

  • Shell/bash (linux)
  • Golang/TypeScript/Rust
  • AWS certified
  • GCP cerified
  • Terraform (HashiCorp suite [vault, packer etc])
  • Ansible
  • Pulumi
  • Docker
  • Kubernetes (Helm etc.)
  • BigData ETL pipelines (extract trasform load)
  • Grafana & Prometheus
  • ELK stack (elastic search)
  • DBA (mysql, mongodb, postgres)

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