Deliver user value, end of story.

Software is simple, its binary. Humans interacting with the software, are the complex ones.

Agile, the effective Way.

Our agile consultants share a passion for working with software development teams to deliver high-quality software. We provide a pragmatic approach to crafting a roadmap and breaking it down into manageable, executable chunks. Early-stage companies need a lean-agile methodology that is flexible enough to iterate and pivot when needed without creating technical debt or damaging internal culture due to prioritization whiplash. Predictability and aligning teams are the real game-changer within your fast-moving company.

Software is simple; it's binary. Humans interacting with building software are the complex ones.

Key Focus Areas Include

We live and breathe agile; Arus can facilitate tried and true methods for operational efficiency. We provide:

  • Scum Masters (daily standup management and stakeholder communication)
  • All hands meetings and internal sprint demos
  • Roadmap and product vision sessions
  • Jobs to be Done Framework
  • Data-driven prioritization
  • Product sprint metrics and visibility (team health and KPIs)
  • Retrospectives and accountability
  • Working agreements (product team and org-wide)
  • Quarterly PI planning (or 1/2 quarterly)
  • Product team documentation (Confluence)
  • Agile and lean-agile training sessions
  • Team building (exercises)
  • Individual 1:1's and team members personal growth framework

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