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Startup Security Compliance

As you start to navigate the B2B contracts space for your startup, you will inevitably begin hitting blockers in the form of infosec alphabet soup to get MSA's across the finish line. Navigating this process as a small team is daunting and can start to shift your roadmap in directions that aren't part of your core offering. Infosec alphabet soup can even bring product development to a grinding halt and, worse yet, risk your threshold for product-market fit. Security compliance audits are invasive, and the volume of iteration on the entire organizational structure (not just the tech) is massive. There is no magic wand or lifehack outside of turning B2B contracts down that require infosec alphabet soup.

Key Focus Areas Include

You're in luck; Arus can help augment this process to focus on what you do best. We provide:

  • SOC 2 Type I and Type II readiness (300+ pieces of evidence for controls and policies)
  • SIG and VSAQ reports
  • CAIQ reports
  • DPA and DCM
  • Penetration and vulnerability scanning (BURP) and reports
  • VPN and firewall setup and configuration
  • Policy-based organizational training sessions
  • Application infrastructure technical audits and best practices (what each cloud provider offers and what they don't)
  • GDPR and EU safe harbor guidance and navigation
  • Internal identity configuation management (IAM/SSO etc.)
  • Building an internal cross-functional security culture
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